Links to Umpire Training Resources

Home Field Locations

  • 84th: located near the corner of 84th & Grange

  • BR: Brinkman field (aka little Brinkman) located on Southway, east of Greendale HS (the smaller field)

  • CA (1, 2): Canterbury fields (aka GMS/Greendale Middle School), located between the Greendale Middle School (6800 Schoolway) and Canterbury Elementary School (7000 Enfield Ave); # 1 is on the east side, closest to the middle school, # 2 is on the west side, closest to the woods and Canterbury

  • CC (1, 2, 3): Community Center (1 right, 2 middle, 3 left), 6200 S. 76th St. (between Grange and Rawson)

  • CPN: College Park North – College Avenue across from College Park School between 51st & 60thStreets

  • CPS: College Park South – College Park School, 5701 W. College Ave.

  • JCP: Jaycee Park, corner of Broad and Southway

  • LP: Lion’s Park, on Edgehill Road, east of 76th Street