“Cold Hard Cash” Raffle Results 2023

The Results Are In!

Thank you all for supporting Twi Nite!A complete listing of unofficial prize winners for the 2023 “Cold Hard Cash” raffle is included below. If you are one of the lucky winners listed below, please let us know if you would like to accept your prize. If you have already confirmed or accepted your prize, you can disregard this notification. You only need to confirm once. 

Please contact us at: commissioner.twinite@gmail.com by Saturday August 5th at 5pm. 

To claim your prize, please email as follows:

Include the word: “Accept” in the subject line.  In the body text of the email please provide:
                                 Correct spelling of your first and last name
                                 Mailing address, including city, state & zip code
                                 Telephone number
                                 Email address
Failure to confirm your prize may result in the prize being transferred to an alternate or runner-up.
When we have received your confirmation, we will reach out with instructions regarding the prize award ceremony and photo session.  This session is tentatively scheduled for August 16th at 6pm at the Milk Can Diner in Greendale.
All prizes must be picked up in person on August 16th.  Any prize not picked up that day may be forfeited.
Place First Name Last Name Ticket Number Prize
Grand Prize Derek Kiesow #06436 $4,000.00
1st Prize Jose Montejano #01111 $500.00
2nd Prize Jerry Perez #12097 $250.00
3rd Prize Gary Hendrickson #08313 $125.00
4th Prize Mike Zubarik #01018 $50.00
5th Prize Ben Bocek #08320 $50.00
6th Prize Angela Malm #07533 $50.00
7th Prize Dowling #07785 $50.00
8th Prize Kevin Wilcox #07614 $50.00
9th Prize Josh Grosschadl #01029 $50.00
10th Prize Braden Blask #11220 $25.00
11th Prize Jenni K #07712 $25.00
12th Prize Cheryl Christianson #05177 $25.00
13th Prize Juile Schwarz #01385 $25.00
14th Prize Allison Horst #07697 $25.00
15th Prize Teresa Perez #12094 $25.00
16th Prize Kayla D #07730 $25.00
17th Prize Jacque Ropel #06733 $25.00
18th Prize Cindy Hoenecke #14612 $25.00
19th Prize Doug Kautzer #06820 $25.00
20th Prize Kelly Lorch #04041 $25.00
21st Prize Lauren Ciszewski #04415 Overnight Stay at Potawatomi Hotel & Casino (Value $375.00)
22nd Prize Katie Butera #02292 Pair of Florentine Opera Tickets (Valued at $250.00)
23rd Prize Larry Hendrickson #05182 Team Autographed Green Bay Packers Football (Valued at $250.00)
24th Prize Ben Bocek #08318 Klements Sausage Gift Box (Valued at $160.00)
25th Prize James Niebuhr #06695 Lake Geneva Canopy Tours (Valued at $120.00)
26th Prize Michelle Woodraff #09557 Milwaukee County “Cool Waters” Four Admission Tickets (Valued at $110.00)
27th Prize Jerald/Jennifer Amenda #02321 Hawk’s View Golf Course Gift Card (Valued at $100.00)
28th Prize Jodie Heidenriech #11640 Kwik Trip Gas Card (Valued at $100.00)
29th Prize Nick Martin #09951 Milwaukee Food & City Tours Gift Card (Valued at $100.00)
30th Prize Jessica Kopecky #12092 Wisconsin State Fair VIP Ticket Package (Valued at $99.00)
31st Prize Ron Wrycza #14570 Lake Geneva Cruise Line Gift Card (Valued at $76.00)
32nd Prize Kerri Zarate #10864 DICK’S Sporting Goods $50.00 Bonus Cash
33rd Prize Lynn Martin #09950 DICK’S Sporting Goods $50.00 Bonus Cash
34th Prize Sandy Hackett #12345 DICK’S Sporting Goods $50.00 Bonus Cash
35th Prize Nick Woolf #02310 DICK’S Sporting Goods $50.00 Bonus Cash
36th Prize Christi Haydon #14631 DICK’S Sporting Goods $50.00 Bonus Cash